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KidFit Leaders

KidFit Leaders

fun & empowering leadership program

The KidFit Leaders Program is designed to inspire and equip Year 5 & 6 students with the understanding, skills and knowledge on how to take on the responsibility of building a positive, healthy and active school environment through physical activity.

KidFit Leaders is a Canberra based business that specialises in delivering a leadership program for primary aged students in Year 5 & 6 in the ACT and Southern NSW. Founded in 2010 KidFit Leaders has delivered the program to thousands of students in over 30 ACT Government and private primary schools.

The founder of KidFit Leaders is Jane Livingstone. Jane has been actively involved in coaching kids since 2004. In addition to KidFit Leaders she designed and delivered Catch Me If You Can – a kids based fitness program – to thousands of pre-school and primary school students in the ACT | more on Jane’s story

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KidFit Leaders Program | Outline

The KidFit Leaders program:

  • Aligns with the Australian Curriculum | more details
  • Develops the ability, skills and knowledge of Year 5 and 6 students in developing age appropriate physical activities for the whole school population
  • Builds confidence to deliver organised physical activity
  • Develops understanding of the different learning styles to achieve positive outcomes
  • Generates effective learning on how to motivate and engage young children
  • Encourages creative thinking to produce original ideas on game and equipment concepts.

How the program works

Who is the program for?
Year 5 & 6 students
– we cater for all class sizes

Where and when?

  • 2 hour sessions
  • 9-11 am or 1-3 pm Monday – Friday
  • Held at your school

What is provided?
All of the equipment required is provided plus a resource booklet for each student and a KitFit Leaders participation certificate.

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What do kids need to bring?
Participating kids just need to bring a drink bottle, a sun hat and a pen or pencil.

What is the cost?
$20 per student

KidFit Leaders Program Qualifications

  • KidFit Leader coaches registered with Fitness Australia
  • WWVP registration
  • Current public liability insurance
  • Program risk assessment available
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Session Outline


· Active introduction – expectations, icebreaker, role modelling
· Positive role model – group discussion
· Why kids are different to adults?
· Coaching tips – hydration, recovery, setting up safely
· Indoor activity – active breaks help kids refocus
· Behaviour and positive language – group discussion and workbook
· Indoor activity – active breaks help kids refocus
· Part 1 – create your own game, bring the equipment to life


· Preparing and planning active games – discussion
· Active games: Chain Train, Tag Tails, Pirates Treasure, Heads & Tails
· Part 2 – play your game
· Reflective activity

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What the students say

I had so much fun that when the bell rang I thought it was lunchtime but when there were parents I realised it was home time | Dharma

I enjoyed playing all the fun games and finding out more tips to become a better leader. It was really fun and I hope it will change me for the better! | Jasmine | more student testimonials

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What the teachers say

Our Year Leadership Class was enthusiastic to learn and love participating in the KidFit Leaders Program. The skills they learned enabled them to set up and lead mini fitness sessions for all the other classes in the school in which they participate twice weekly. All the students love the games and activities and consider them play – not realising they are actually exercising and developing fitness! | Vicky van der Sanden, Principal, St John Vianney’s Primary School | 2016 | more

Our Year 6 students had a great morning engaging in different activities to boost their leadership skills and to prepare them for organising and running games with students at our school. They are feeling more confident as leaders – and have a very positive attitude towards their role. I can see how valuable the knowledge they have gained will be for their role this year and into the future when they will be able to apply these new found skills in real life situations outside of school | Toni Constable, Red Hill Primary School 2016 | more teacher testimonials