My Story

My Story

Jane Livingstone | KidFit Leaders

Imagination has no boundaries

Where have all the backyard games gone? I have fond memories as a 9 year old climbing along back fences of neighbours, keeping balance, while energetic dogs seemed to appear from nowhere! Maybe this is where it all started? Use your imagination to create I still hear myself saying to my now 15 and 18 year old daughters as they plough through endless essays and never ending new clothes wardrobes.

Most people would rather put their hand up for hosting a dinner party for 20 than taking on the role of team coach for U6 Rooballers. But that’s what I did. So, what do you with them for 45 minutes? How do you get them to listen – when they are more interested in trying on each other’s football boots?

Using your imagination to create is a skill that we all have. As adults we tend to shut it down and continue to do something because that is the way that we have always done it. Plus, screens of all shapes and sizes seem to dominate kid’s lives almost discouraging outdoor activities.

I created KidFit Leaders to give kids the opportunity to re-discover the art of outdoor games. Engaging their imagination releases their sense of creativity and enjoyment of being a kid. After all, life is all about what we can imagine. Gotta run – anyone for a game of Pirates Treasure or Tag Tails!

Jane Livingstone | KidFit Leaders

Jane | KitFit Leaders

KidFit Leaders

KidFit Leaders is a Canberra based business that specialises in delivering a leadership program for primary aged students in Year 5 & 6 in the ACT and Southern NSW. Founded in 2010 KidFit Leaders has delivered the program to thousands of students in over 30 ACT Government and private primary schools.

The founder of KidFit Leaders is Jane Livingstone. Jane has been actively involved in coaching kids since 2004. In addition to KidFit Leaders she designed and delivered Catch Me If You Can – a kids based fitness program – to thousands of pre-school and primary school students in the ACT.