Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum

Health & Physical Education

The Australian Curriculum sets a consistent national standard for the learning outcomes for all Australian students. Specifically, for the Health and Physical Education content, the curriculum offers experiential learning to enhance resilience, physical skills and understand how to develop their own and others’ health and well-being. KidFit Leaders aligns to the Curriculum to ensure the experiential and effective delivery of health and physical education across the primary school community.

KidFit Leaders

Personal, social and community health / being healthy, safe and active

ACPPS054 Plan and practice strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPPS054
Develop the skill and knowledge in developing age appropriate activities across the whole school population to increase organised physical activity in events such as:

  • Assisting and supporting peer mentor programs
  • Leading organised active games at school carnivals, preschool visits or set class times
  • Planning & enjoying organised lunchtime play through being active and creative.
KidFit Leaders

Movement and physical activity / moving our body

ACPMP064  Participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact regular participation can have on health and wellbeing

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPMP064
Develop an understanding of the physiological difference between a child and adult, and discuss how to create physically active games that improve overall fitness, health and wellbeing.

ACPMP065  Manipulate and modify elements of effort, space, time, objects and people to perform movement sequences

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPMP065
Participate in an active game that requires students to form teams during the game and move collaboratively to achieve their outcome.

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Movement and physical activity / learning through movement

ACPMP067  Participate positively in groups and teams by encouraging others and negotiating roles and responsibilities

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPMP067
Develop and understanding of the importance of positively framing our language to elicit the appropriate behaviour and outcome from others.

ACPMP068  Apply critical thinking and creative thinking processes in order to generate assess solutions to movement challenges

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPMP068
Use creative thinking to make new games using a variety of equipment in a number of different ways.

ACPMP069  Demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with rules when participating in a range of physical activities

How the KidFit Leaders program aligns to ACPMP069
Develop an understanding of the different learning styles and how to apply them when demonstrating and explaining the rules or boundaries of a physical activity.