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What the teachers say about KidFit Leaders

Our Year Leadership Class was enthusiastic to learn and love participating in the KidFit Leaders Program. The skills they learned enabled them to set up and lead mini fitness sessions for all the other classes in the school in which they participate twice weekly. All the students love the games and activities and consider them play – not realising they are actually exercising and developing fitness!

Jane presents so professionally to the students and is herself a wonderful model of energy, enthusiasm, fitness, health and wellbeing. Her program runs efficiently and is innovative, engaging and inspiring for the students. Our school has benefited greatly from Jane’s expertise and we are grateful for the many benefits her program has produced.

Vicky van der Sanden, Principal, St John Vianney’s Primary School | 2016

Our Year 6 students had a great morning engaging in different activities to boost their leadership skills and to prepare them for organising and running games with students at our school. They are feeling more confident as leaders…and have a very positive attitude towards their role.

I can see how valuable the knowledge they have gained will be for their role this year and into the future when they will be able to apply these new found skills in real life situations outside of school.

Toni Constable, Red Hill Primary School | 2016

The KidFit Leaders Program offers students the opportunity to learn invaluable leadership and coaching skills. At North Ainslie Primary School our student leadership team, including sports leaders, facilitate group games with the junior students during lunchtimes. The older children rave about how much fun it is to teach the younger children a range of skills including sportsmanship. All of the children involved gain a lot from the program and I recommend it as an effective tool for promoting physical activity, teamwork and leadership skills.

Remana Dearden, North Ainslie Primary School | 2016

Your KidFit Leaders Program was fantastic. You connected with the children, gave them valuable skills and they were thoroughly engaged in your activities. The students have stated that they cannot wait to design their own games and teach them to younger students. You have given the students a great start in becoming organised play at lunch (OPAL) leaders.

Ian Lanham, Weetangera Primary School 2016

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What the students say about KidFit Leaders

I had so much fun that when the bell rang I thought it was lunchtime but when there were parents I realised it was home time | Dharma

I enjoyed playing all the fun games and finding out more tips to become a better leader. It was really fun and I hope it will change me for the better! | Jasmine

I enjoyed my fun and playing all the games and I really liked the tips for keeping it fun. I really loved to pick what equipment to use and giving it a name | Haydon

I enjoyed learning new skills so that I can teach them properly | Josh

I enjoyed that we learnt lots of stuff without the boring stuff and learnt the fun way | Louie

I enjoyed making games and playing them. I also enjoyed working together with others | Llewella

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Participating Schools

Ainslie School
Ainslie North Primary School
Amaroo School
Aranda Primary School
Arawang Primary School
Bonython Primary School
Campbell Primary School
Caroline Chisholm Primary School

Charnwood-Dunlop Primary School
Emmaus Christian College
Fadden Primary School
Gilmore Primary School
Hawker Primary School
Latham Primary School
Red Hill Primary School
St Bede’s Primary School
St John Vianney’s Primary School

St Judes Primary School
St Thomas More’s Primary School
St Thomas the Apostle Primary School
Taylor Primary School
Theodore Primary School
Turner Primary School
Weetangera Primary School